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Forza Horizon and Forza Motorsport have quickly become the most popular racing video games in the world. As fans ourselves, we are excited to announce the release of our new Forza podcast! The Forza World Podcast will cover all things Forza, including game news, tips and tricks, interviews with developers and other prominent figures in the Forza community, and much more. It will also tackle news around the motorsport and car communities, discussing new car releases, Formula 1, IndyCar, IMSA Sportscars, FIA WEC, and more.


Our hosts, Jason McArthur, Aren Glover, and Andrew Lennon, have been working hard to create a podcast that is both informative and entertaining. We know that there are many other Forza podcasts out there, so we are focused on making our podcast stand out. We plan to provide unique insights and perspectives on the game, as well as share our own experiences and stories with listeners.


One of the things that sets our podcast apart is our true, honest, uncensored opinions and delivery. We want our podcast to be a community where Forza fans can come together, share their thoughts and ideas, and connect with other like-minded individuals, and get real information and opinions about what’s going on in Forza. There are a variety of rotating segments, including the weekly “F*** That Car”, where we choose a car to hate on and explain why it stinks, or “Jason’s Complaint Corner”, where he chooses a particularly minor topic to complain about in cars, life, food, or more, and a few other fun segments, too.


In addition to our regular episodes, we also plan to release special episodes for major Forza events, such as the release of a new Forza game or DLC. These special episodes will provide in-depth coverage and analysis of the event, as well as interviews with developers and other key figures.

The Forza World podcast is now available on all major podcast platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts. We are excited to share our love of Forza with the world, toss out some hot takes, and we hope that you’ll join us!


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