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Totino’s Car Pack Review

The following is a review of the Forza Motorsport 7 Totino’s Car Pack. Before we get to the review, let’s just throw something out there so people won’t take this review the wrong way. We didn’t want any of these cars in the game. All of us at @forzaworld weren’t thinking this was the perfect car pack, or even a car pack we thought would be worth it. We wanted (and I’m sure you can agree) cars like the Chiron, Supra, 720S, Tesla’s, etc.


However, none of those cars are in this car pack, so let’s stick with what we have. Just like with the Doritos Pack Review, we will be honest as to our feelings towards each car and whether or not you should buy this pack.




1967 Volkswagen Type 3 1600 L

Now this car has a couple of different variants. Notchback, Fastback, and Wagon. If we could choose, we’d go with the Wagon. It looks waaaayyyy cooler than the Notchback, but it’s not here. While the customization options are slim, you can still make this a decent looking car, plus who doesn’t like whitewalls on a VW. To start with the best, it has potential. It’s well balanced for its age making it a good option for a drift build, plus with a few engine swap options, it could be a beast. It’s small, agile, and is a classic VW. On the bad side, you would have to be a great tuner to get the best out of this car. The short wheelbase makes it finniky in corners, and you have to set your gearing right to make it competitive. If Turn 10 was bringing in a Classic VW, there are quite a few cars I would choose before the 1600 (i.e. Kharman Ghia, Thing, etc.)


1968 Subaru 360

Now ‘360’ could mean a lot of things. Maybe your head starts spinning when you see it? Maybe because nearly everything on it is either a circle or damn near close to one? Or maybe it means $360 because that’s how much damage there was when I whipped the Xbox controller at my tv at the sight of this thing. We don’t know. Either way, this car was meant for Forza Horizon. This is a car you max out and mess about in, not something you take to the track. There is one upside to this car however. You can take it around a track in the highest gear, and never have to use the brake. That’s about all we could think of. Not what we need or want in a game that was supposed to reunite fans with the Motorsport series, ESPECIALLY in a paid car pack that falls under season pass.


1993 Porsche 911 Turbo S Leichtbau

This is the first 964 Generation Porsche to arrive other than the RWB Hoonigan car. This is also the last generation 911 Turbo to have Rear Wheel Drive. Now being a 1993 and the third most modern car in the pack, it has its work cut out for it to try and save what is left of this pack. We are here to tell you it delivers. The Sport Classic in FM3/FM4 will always hold a special place in our hearts as one of the all time greats, but this comes damn near close with the way it feels on the track. It doesn’t feel out of place hurling it through corners, and though you get that front end lift that you do with most Porsche’s, it doesn’t send you flying into the wall ahead of you. A slight lift will get the weight back on the nose, and a dab of throttle will push the back end out. It really is quite a good car. It’s going to be one we will use quite a bit, which is the most important thing to hear if you’re considering buying the pack.


1967 Nissan R380 II

Roman Numerals on a Japanese car? That’s weird. What’s even weirder is how much of a screamer this car is. It’s insane. The Alfa 33 Stradale is a ‘God Car’ in Forza right now. It’s good at just about anything and can blow the doors of anyone in a multiplayer race. We have been searching for a car to compete with it and there’s a very good chance, that the R380 can do it. It’s a similar style to the Alfa, similar look, and just as good in the corners. It’s loud too. Very loud. Turn the TV down when you decide to drive it loud. Make sure you don’t have fine China on the counter loud. It’s nuts. There is a bit of understeer with the car, and we found it hard to really get the power down in some of the corners, especially with a crest, or ones that are off camber. Other than those things, I think this is a car we didn’t realize we wanted. It’s going to be in the @forzaworld garage for a while. Or long enough for us to get our hands on an Alfa 33 Stradale.


1997 Lotus Elise GT1

The Lotus Elise S1 is already a very good car. It’s like a slice of warm apple pie with the perfect scoop of ice cream on top, you don’t want to mess it up by adding anything else. In Lotus’ case, they decided to throw some blueberries and chocolate ice cream on there as well, while lighting the entire thing on fire. The Elise GT1 is barely an Elise anymore. It’s longer, wider, and every single body panel is actually an air intake, trying to swallow as much air as it can. Lotus went all out to make this the ultimate Elise, and from what we can tell in the game, they succeeded. It’s agile, fast, and if you’re the type of Forza fan that likes the Rice Krispies ‘Snap Crackle Pop’ from exhaust, the Elise GT1 will melt your ears. The overrun on this car is worth the car itself. Everything else is a bonus. Now on the other hand it’s in the Elite Factory Racer Division and there are some pretty insane cars to choose from so the chances of this being your first choice are slim to none, but if you’re like us and just want to spend time in a great car on a great track, look no further than this masterpiece. It’s a nice change up from your usual pick that will still keep you competitive, but it likely won’t be your new go-to.


1970 Citroen 2CV

Paper plates aren’t my first choice of something to eat off of. When you have four of these as tires, however, you may as well just give up and walk. The Citroen 2CV suffers from the same issues as the Subaru 360. It was meant for Forza Horizon. Max it out, slap a Spongebob livery on it, and jump some sand dunes. The last time we remember driving a 2CV in a video game was Test Drive Unlimited 2, which is where a car like this makes the most sense. Drive around wherever you want, with no competition, just the sun, scenery, and the motor thrumming along. Don’t get us wrong, it is a very cool car. A great piece of engineering and something a true enthusiast can appreciate, but just let us appreciate it somewhere else. Not on a race track.


2017 BMW M6 GTLM

If you’re like us here at @forzaworld and love watching IMSA races or FIA races, you love getting behind the wheels of the cars on track and experiencing a taste of what the drivers do. We don’t have many BMW GT cars in Forza. Not many modern ones at least. The Z4 is a bit too underpowered for our liking and the M3 is a bit too overwhelming in the corners, especially with the assists off. Not to mention that it runs in GTD, the slower class in IMSA competition. The 2017 season champion M6 GTLM however is a perfect balance between the two. There’s more than enough power to rocket you through a corner or down a straight, but loads of grip when you have to take your time and keep the car planted. It’s remarkably easy to drive as well, with that vast wing generating downforce on the rear, it takes quite a bit for the back to get loose, and even if it does, it’s poised enough to get it back quickly. There are a couple of complaints though. In-Cabin it’s a bit bland, the dash isn’t too pretty and there’s not much going on, which depending on your perspective can be a good thing, and second, it doesn’t sound too good, especially when you compare it to the Huracan or the 911. With the amount of GTLM/GT3 cars there are to choose from in FM7, this wasn’t a necessary car to add, but it makes the decision of choosing which car to drive that much harder. Personally, this is going to be towards the top of the order. It seriously just drives that good. It’s hard to get better than a car that won this years championship directly competing with almost every other GT racer in the game.


Overall it’s a much better pack than the Doritos pack. There are cars we can actually use and be competitive with, rather than a bunch of SUVs. Like what was mentioned before, it’s not what the community was hoping for. Sure, there are some great cars in it, but if you’re saving your money for that one perfect pack, we’d have to say keep on saving. Our guess is that the best packs will be released after the Car Pass expires and all packs will be paid. If you have the Car Pass already, don’t fret over this pack. There are a few good, all-round cars in this pack, like the BMW, Lotus, and Porsche. No it’s not the greatest pack, but compared to the last one, it looks like things are (maybe) looking up.

Overall: Don’t Buy